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What an incredible day Grace is about to have but is she really ready for it???

Grace finds out that she is relocating to a new school, which can be scary for any kid. She’s determined to find a way to never ever attend this new school! With a desk to lean on, staring out her bedroom window, she thinks and she thinks.

As the last incredible day of Summer comes to an end and the first day at her new school approaches, Grace learns that perhaps there is more than just a desk to lean on.

In this timely story, perfect for any child who is nervous or scared or just curious about new things, author David Valovcin shows readers the importance of family and friends, and how courage and strength are gained not just from within but from those around you.

My Inspiration


My first book, A Desk to Lean On, took me on an exciting journey from the early phase of brainstorming through to final publication. It is definitely a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. Ever since this book was published, I knew that I just wanted to write more children’s books!

My inspiration and ideas come from watching my daughter, Grace, and how she goes about her day-to-day activities. She is truly the best gift I could ever wish for and I absolutely love being her Daddy.


An adorable book with important message

An adorable book written obviously with much love. The words and illustrations convey the importance of reaching out and leaning on others as they have leaned on us in times of doubt and uncertainty.



Where can I Buy your book?

My books are now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Do you have more books available?

There will definitely be more to come!

Can I order a signed book?

Yes! Please contact me for more details!

How can I contact you?

You can contact me via email at davidvalovcinbooks@gmail.com

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